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I am away travelling across France & Italy and enjoying some mindful time with my children

june 2016

I am off on a weeks residential retreat to complete my Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training 


How to be Mindful in Everyday Life 

Life is in the little stuff; by showing up for the small we wake up to the big picture. As we let go of story and focus our attention we transform the everyday...

march 2016

I often get asked to help young people use mindfulness techniques to help them deal with the stress of tests and exams so have put together a new workshop focusing on this. I have seen first hand how some simple tools can be incredibly effective at helping create calm and clarity to enable optimum performance and am so excited to be launching the first of these on Monday 21st March. Do email me for more details

MARCH 2016

I have been finishing Mindfulness courses for this years students at Kingston Grammar School KGS and it has been a great time to reflect on all the work that has taken place during the process. It is fantastic to be associated with a wonderful school that places such importance on the welfare of it's pupils. It is brilliant that more of our young people are having access to Mindfulness. Returning to a school setting has been a personal challenge for me but one I am so grateful to have undertaken.  

January 2016

Ordinary diets don't work... unless we change our relationship to food we create a struggle within ourselves; The Mindful Life Diet starting 11th January is a whole new approach, something I have been working on for the last couple of years and am so exited to be ready to launch at last. Find out more and fill out a registration form here


Worry Workshop; Overcoming worry with Mindfulness. This workshop will take place on Monday 7th December 8-9pm at Vine Hall; Please email me to register for this or for further information 


So wonderful to work with the team at Ovarian Cancer Action and get to meet the incredible 'Voices' who so great work in raising awareness and supporting others who have Ovarian cancer or families effected by it. A wonderful evening of mindfulness, sharing and support. Find out more about Ovarian Cancer Action here.

November 2015

New Mindfulness for Weight-Loss Launched! Click here to find out more...


Feeling relaxed and motivated after a wonderful retreat with lovely Alexis at the Happiness Centre... contact me if you want further retreat recommendations. 


What a fantastic week of training - all set to bring Mindfulness to teenagers...

23rd JULY 2015

Thank you to all who attended tonight's open-air meditation session in Bushy Park, what a beautiful evening! The next drop-in session is Monday 7th September at Vine Hall email me for more details


This is the summer of your life..

June 2015 blog post 

Building sandcastles... 

May 2015 blog posts

Life is short...

10 top tips for establishing a daily meditation practice...

Harnessing the power of attention plus some dating advice for electricians...

april 2015 blog 

This blog will change your life... 

Click here to read the new blog! 

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I am undertaking my 'Mindfulness in Schools' training this summer so stay tuned for details of upcoming courses for teenagers and young people.  


I will be holding drop-in meditation meet ups for past students or those with some mindfulness meditation experience on Thursday 6th November and 8th January email me for more details.


It's great to be back after a fantastic summer. 


The final session together - meditating out in the beautiful gardens - what a great way to end a fantastic course with a remarkable group of people. Read feedback from course participants completing in July: read here 


Latest feedback from course participants completing in June. Thank you lovely people! read here 

may. 2014 update

New September course dates released see here  


Thanks to all the participants on the March/April course, you have been a fantastic bunch - thank you so much for all of the wonderful feedback I've had through. For the latest testimonials see here

april. 2014 update

Following courses 2&3 of this year the next group course will start September 2014 dates TBC but to pre-register please email Frances 

feb. 2014 update

Monthly Meditation Group for past participants.

Email Frances for more details.   

Jan.2014 update
Check out our evidence page for the latest scientific research on mindfulness and meditation. 

Happiness is not a state we reach when some far off goal is achieved,

it is something which is inside of you.

Happiness cannot be lost or found,

but it can be tuned into.

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"I wondered how it could change my life in 6 weeks, doubted even, but am amazed at how it has." Angie  

"Life changing! It has given me tools to deal with situations on a daily basis. I feel calmer, more centred and am noticing more of life. My head feels less full up." Jen 

See the latest testimonials here...




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Mindfulness is having your mind full of the present moment so you experience more Happiness now 

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upcoming events...

After a wonderful summer of travelling around France & Italy I will be back in the Autumn with some fantastic events to help inspire and inform your practice.