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Our very popular 'Mindful Mentoring' programme is a great way to keep accountability and development of your mindfulness practice. Meet once-a-month with Frances for a 1-1 session to help integrate a mindful way of being throughout your life and have support your journey.  6 months of sessions would ordinarily cost £900 if booked individually, however a block booking of 6 sessions reduces this to £750. 


Train with Frances 1-1 in Mindfulness for Wellbeing (suitable for beginners and refreshers) or Mindfulness for Insight (for more advanced practitioners). 

A series of 6 x 1hr sessions is required

For a limited time we are currently offering the 6th session free if booked in a block (£900-£150)  Total Investment: £750


Incorporating the most effective combination of recent developments in therapy and neuroscience with the ancient wisdom of mindfulness. Using MBRTT Frances helps clients very quickly overcome specific issues, fears, depression and stress related illness to live more fulfilled and happy lives. 

MBRTT is a two stage process costing £300 For a limited time we are offering the complete RTT process for £250

You can find out more about MBRTT Here

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 frances trussell has helped many hundreds of people live happier lives... join her for training to make the most of now! 


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If you are in need and the packages above are at rates beyond your means do still get in-touch. I offer sponsored spaces on my group courses and am always happy to try and help however I am able. 

I can also recommend other mindfulness teachers who's specialise in 1-1 training at more cost effective rates.

Please email me or Gemma in the office for details. 

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As both an Advanced Mindfulness Teacher and Therapist Frances is uniquely placed to offer help whatever your needs.  Frances takes on clients from all over the World. Sessions can take place via Skype or Zoom or in a space at Frances' home in Hampton Court, Surrey, out for a 'walk n' talk' in nearby Royal Bushy Park.  In some cases home visits are possible if travel is difficult. Whether you are a mindfulness beginner looking for your first training, an expert looking for ongoing support or an individual seeking transformation therapy for a specific area in your life Frances can help.  Scroll below to find our current range of packages or get in-touch to put together something completely bespoke to your needs:


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This unique 12 week programme is designed to transform your relationship to your body and food so you can be your happiest healthiest self.  Following an initial 2hr consultation a bespoke programme will be established with weekly 1hr 1-1 progress sessions. 

Total Investment (ordinarily £1,950)

For a Limited Time Only £1,250

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Individual 1-1 sessions can be booked with Frances at £150 for an initial 1hr session.

Or for those who have worked with Frances before subsequent 30 minute check-in sessions at £75 are possible dependant upon individual needs. 

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“Mindfulness should no longer be considered a "nice to have" for executives. It's a "must have".

Harvard Business Review

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This unique 12 week programme is designed to superboost your wellbeing and transform your relationship to your thoughts and life forever. 

Following an initial 2hr consultation weekly 1hr hour 1-1s take place to inspire and support you through the journey of a lifetime to develop ultimate presence, happiness and contentment in each of the areas identified. 

Total Investment (ordinarily £1,950)

For a Limited Time Only £1,250

Set up a consultation with Frances to access your suitability for this training.