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 frances trussell has helped many hundreds of people live happier lives... join her for training to make the most of now! 


"I am so so pleased I took the leap and booked onto this course. I wasn't sure I was ready but wow, what a difference this has already made to my life!" Jules 

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Ready for the next step of your Mindfulness Journey?!

I absolutely LOVE teaching this course, we dive deeper into meditation to explore our own understanding of self and the nature of reality and work to develop a strong sense of grounding. Our main prerequisite is a keen desire or intention to know more about who you really are. This course is a culmination of years of study I’ve undertaken into Zen practices and I am incredibly excited to be bringing you this material, suitable for those who have completed a previous course with me or alternatively an MBCT or MBSR. 

Here we explore the origins of mindfulness and ancient practices from a modern viewpoint, this course is about finding our own way, our own truth, and this course is open to all who are ready, with nothing in particular to believe in... 

Over the 6 weeks we will explore a variety of topics including: 

• The mental effects of meditation 
• Introduction to grounding and energy-work 
• Living at an elevated level of function 
• Stages of insight into self-understanding - knowing who you really are

The meditation techniques that we cover include: 

• Fusho - your unborn mind 
• Meditating with a Koan (a statement or question used to point at the true nature of reality) 
• Healing with soft ointment 
• Cultivating and energising your hara (belly) and legs 
• Energy transformation

"Knowing who I am has been one of the most important things I could ever have sought to find out. I now know that whatever happens everything is OK." Tom


Suitable for those who have completed a Mindfully Happy Wellbeing Course or MBCT or MBSR training. Perfect for those wanting to take their practice to a deeper level.  

WHEN:       February 25th, 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th                               March, 1st April
TIME:         7.45pm - 9.15pm 
WHERE:    At Frances' home in East Molesey 
COST:        £175 or discounted price of £165 for                               previous students
HOW:         Click here to fill out a registration form