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Mindfulness study to track the effect of meditation on 7000 students: The Guardian

Meditation might ward off the effects of ageing: The Guardian

The meditation technique aimed at focusing the mind on the present moment is an effective treatment for depression, according to a new report. So what is mindfulness and how do you do it? The Guardian

​Evidence for the impact of Mindfulness on Children and Young People
INNER PEACE: 2013: Can Inner Peace be improved by Mindfulness training?: A randomised controlled trial, Xinghua Liu1*†, Wei Xu1, Yuzheng Wang1, J. Mark G. Williams2,Yan Geng1, Qian Zhang1& Xin Liu1, Research article: Beijing Key Laboratory of Learning and Cognition, Capital Normal University, Beijing AND University of Oxford[link]The findings provide first evidence suggesting that using mindfulness training improves the participants’ inner peace.

REDUCTION OF ANXIETY, DEPRESSION & STRESS: 2013: Mindfulness-based therapy: a comprehensive meta-analysis, Khoury, B., Lecomte, T.,... Hofmann, S. G. Clinical Psychology Review, 33(6), 763-771. [link]Concludes MBT(Mindfulness Based Therapy) is an effective treatment for a variety of psychological problems, and is especially effective for reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.​​

MENTAL HEALTH:​2012: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Improving Health, Quality of Life, and Social Functioning in Adults.  de Vibe, M., Bjørndal, A., Tipton, E.,... Kowalski, K. The Campbell Collaboration, 3. [link]Mindfulness training shown to have a consistent positive effect on mental health. 

​For further studies see:
The Mindfulness Research Guide 
The Oxford Mindfulness Centre - Projects 

what course graduates are saying

Enlightening, comforting, life-changing and extremely interesting. Teresa 

I am hoping this is the start of a new way of 'being'. My focus on the now will make me appreciate life more! Lisa 

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WHO IS MINDFULNESS & meditation for?

Mindfulness is not just for monks, hippies or academics -

it is for all of us.

Whether we just want a bit of peace from a busy mind,

 reduce stress,

improve our ability to focus,

or to create a bigger shift in the way we feel about life, 

mindfulness has something to offer


There is no dress rehearsal for life but meditation is our opportunity to practice. Meditation gets the mind fit to face the ups and downs of life.

The clarity and focus that meditation cultivates enables us to bring mindful awareness to all that we do.

Proven to increase immune function, wellbeing and quality of life...


Mindfulness is having your mind full 
of the thing you are doing right now
​in this moment.

​Do you find that your mind is usually ‘somewhere else’ planning or worrying about the future, regretting the past or reliving conversations that have already taken place? You are not alone; most people are rarely ‘in the-moment’. We spend much of our time lost in our heads, while ‘out there’ our lives are passing us by. When we fail to engage in the fullness of life we can get left with a feeling of emptiness.

When we fill our minds with the experience of life rather than with our thoughts, we can change the way we feel about our lives for the better.

​So, how do we get our minds to stop over-thinking and make room for some happiness?