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Movement Meditation: Dancing Zen, Mindful Movement in East Molesey Surrey

movement meditation: dancing zen

WHEN:                 March 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th then April 2nd

TIME:                   7.45pm - 9pm 
WHERE:              The Hall at St Paul's, East Molesey,                                             Surrey, KT8 9DR 
INVESTMENT:      £120
HOW:                    Click here to fill out a registration form      


the details

5 week course:

​We were born to move, life itself is a dance. Our bodies and our hearts naturally respond to music and rhythm, this lifts our spirits and clears our minds. 

In Dancing Zen there are no set steps, no postures, no right and wrong, no ‘minding’, we simply allow the body to move in response to the changing soundscape. It doesn't matter what we look like, we leave both our shoes & egos at the door.  As we do so we release, we let go and we find joy. I’ll be there to hold the space, provide a framework and gentle guidance & instruction alongside a well curated playlist for our journey.

I’d love you to join me in this exciting exploration of meditation in motion and stillness. Dancing Zen has become a vital part of my own practice and one I’d love to share with you. I’ve found it a great outlet for ‘stuckness’ and stress, for transcending the chatter and unleashing creativity. Plus our bodies love it too; this type of practice is often referred to as ‘ecstatic dance’ come along see why that is for yourself.

We begin our course with ‘dancing in the dark’ finding our own inner rhythms, beginning to free the body and mind. As the course progresses we ‘step into the light’, widening our awareness and bringing the dance and a sense of playfulness into our outer life. This is an invitation to work at your own pace, suitable for all bodies that can and would like to move.

I absolutely appreciate that this particular course may not be for everyone but as a part of my practice that has helped me so much I feel compelled to extend this out to you. Do get in-touch with any questions. This is an all new course, spaces are very limited. 

Do email frances@mindfullyhappy.com with any questions

or call 07832204859

Dancing in the dark...

to stepping into the light