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Gemma Collins-

in 'Closer' Magazine 

"I met a wonderful mindfulness teacher called Frances on Sugar Free Farm and she gave me some great tips. Sometimes it's nice to zone out. Every day I try to spend some time meditating."


Frances Trussell Mindfulness Meditation Expert in Closer with Gemma Collins

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what do participants say

about the course?

​"The course has shifted my perspective on life in the best way possible. 

Realising that I can be seperate to my thoughts; which are often very damaging

has helped me in every aspect of my life. I sleep better, I worry less overall,

I value myself more, I have forgiven myself and I see what is important."

Amy (March 2018)

"The most positive thing I have done for myself for as long as I can remember.

The course has helped me recognise that the major part of my life is wonderful

and given me the tools to manage the part of my life that has been having a

seriously negative effect. I can now sleep!"Sue (Jan 2018) 

Thank you so much for an amazing course.

Meeting you has transformed my life and for that I’m truly grateful.

I can see that meditation and mindfulness are making a difference in my outlook and mood and I feel the training has given me some incredibly useful tools to stay positive and live my life to the full. It was exactly what I needed. Iain (March 2017) 

Brilliant. Life Changing. It helped me find calm at a very challenging time in my life.  

Do it before you need it for more 'big stuff'! Rather than ask 'why now' ask 'why not'?

Ed (December 2016) 

 I was not sure before I signed up but can completely say it has changed my whole outlook on life. Yes, I still get stress but my mind seems freer. I seem to be living to the full. I will always be grateful I have learnt to have more fun and live for the here and now. Thank You - it is the best money that I have spent in a long while! Caro (July 2016) 

Possibly one of the most enjoyable and useful learning experiences. It has centred my belief in myself and to listen to myself and let judgements from others go. I genuinely feel the joyful moments of life. It has helped me keep perspective and focus better on work, life and solutions. Thank you Frances. This is a great course for anyone, regardless of their circumstances. Michelle (July 2016)

Do this course, even if you think it is a stressful time for you and you can't fit it in, it is so worthwhile and you will feel the benefits. It has helped me to be calmer in stressful situations and to be better at responding rather than reacting. I have been noticing beautiful things and acknowledging beautiful moments more. I felt the format worked really well and the sessions being part of a group were very positive and the follow up session emails were helpful and supportive. Diana (July 2016)

The course has helped me with a general sense of happiness, seeing the roses and a determination to be present for my kids. Thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile. Feels like an investment in your mind/wellbeing which is just as important as exercise or diet for your body/health. Lot's of good anecdotes and ideas and very user-friendly. A really useful tool to help live life fully. Would absolutely recommend. Caroline (July 2016) 

BRILLIANT!!! A real discovery of a new way of being! I feel armed with a range of good tools to deal with life's challenges. Take a leap of faith - do the course, you wont regret it - it's a real revelation - very freeing!! Definitely made me less anxious and tense. Far more aware of myself and really opened my eyes. Thank you so much Frances. Alan (December 2015) 

Enlightening! I worried that I would do the course and feel the same at the end that I did at the start, but I don't! I feel much more relaxed, less stressed & calmer about most situations which I didn't think was possible. Thank you x practice, practice, practice! It's worth the work as the results are great. It has made me so much calmer. Kathryn​ (December 2015)

Excellent. I enjoyed every session and got something practical to use every week. I credit getting a new job to you Frances, the technique you taught me really helped me focus and give my best. Thank you very very much.Paul (December 2015) 

I found this course fantastic. It really helped me take control of my thoughts from the first session and feel happier and calmer day to day. Ed (October 2015) 

Brilliant!!! Without sounding cheesy I feel like a new person, it has changed my perspective on many things which I had lost the ability of seeing. Thank you, it was perfect, I loved it. Do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Take that step! Steph (October 2015)

Enlightening - Refreshing - Relaxing - Helpful to learn how to relax, cope with stress & pressure - Helps me live in the here & now!Terry (October 2015)

Very helpful. Very Illuminating. A lot of what you said resonated very deeply with me. It is now up to me to put the new skills I have learned to good use! Tom (October 2015)

Advice for people considering the course: It's not scary! Take a chance and invest a a few hours in yourself - you wont be disappointed and it will most certainly improve your life! Thank you Frances! Nicola (October 2015)

I have found this course to the superb - In particular Frances' teaching has been both enlightening and inspiring. Thank you so much Frances! This course has helped me be more naturally 'in the moment' and count my blessings, especially when my inner voice is constantly wanting more. Dawn (October 2015) 

This course has changed my life. I am still very much at the beginning of the journey but I know I am a different person to who I was 6 weeks ago. I have suffered with anxiety and depression on and off for 3 years now and the experience of genuine calm I have felt has made a real difference to me. I feel less anxious, I've become aware of that dark voice and my power not to engage with it. It has also helped me finally lay some old thoughts to bed.Carlise(April 2015) 

I have found the course amazing and wonderful. I had a base knowledge of mindfulness prior to attending but the course really helped to pull it all together. I now understand the deeper concepts and fully appreciate everything mindfulness has to offer. The content, duration and location is perfect - It has really helped me to find the strength and desire to meditate daily. Joe (April 2015) 

I really enjoyed it, and am very thankful to you Frances for showing me a better way of living. Everyone should try this course, it is a great chance to learn how to live more happily, and of course, mindfully - One of the most important things you can do in your life! Thank you Frances Jekaterina (January 2015)

The course has been very useful; there are just so many benefits. It has enabled me to identify the things that stress me out and recognise that it is my reaction that causes the stress. Mike (December 2015) 

Wonderful. It is exactly what I needed and has made me aware of quite how much I needed the mindfulness tools! They are changing my life every day. A lovely side effect is meeting like-minded people across generations. Very warm and safe environment. I loved it and looked forward to coming every week, I will miss it! Thank you Frances. Eva ​(Sept '14) 

Wonderfully refreshing. You have passed on great insight in a short space of time. It has been great watching us all grow and develop by sharing in your skill and wisdom. Thank you. Della (Sept '14) 

For me, it has totally changed how I think about the past and future. I accept my past for what it was and accept my future for what it will be but live for the here and now! 6 weeks is just right. I wondered how I could change my life in 6 weeks, doubted even, but am amazed at how it has. Thank you Frances for helping me find what I need in my life, to accept things and move on. I will use what I have learnt and build on it, I know this is the start of something good in my life. Thank you! Angie (Sept '14)

Absolutely fantastic & I believe a life changing experience. I haven't stopped telling everyone about it! Really enjoyed being taught by you, you brought humour, great knowledge & a trust to be able to open up and learn. Fantastic experience - Thank you! Louise (Sept '14)

Excellent, very informative and enjoyable, I would come every week! For people considering the course - go for it! You will feel the benefits and have tools for life to help in difficult times. Nicola (Sept '14)  

Great - really enjoyed it and think it will be helpful for me going forward. Meditation tracks are lovely and the discussion each week has really helped put them into context. The follow up emails each week were really helpful in reminding me what i'd done and focus for the week. Sara (Sept-Oct '14)

Lifechanging. Do It! Go with it, week by week it makes more and more sense. I'd like you to know I have found the 6 weeks so helpful and enlightening and am so glad I took the plunge and contacted you, Thank you. Jennie (Sept-Oct '14) 

 Extremely beneficial and enlightening. Meditation and mindfulness can be a life changer! Anyone would benefit from this - please don't think it is for Zen monks only! Enlightening. Bhakti (May-July '14)

I found the course delightful and looked forward to attending each session. Very good communication throughout the course. Tim (May-July '14)

Wonderful! I learnt an amazing amount in a very short time. Frances is inspirational and made mindfulness and meditation really accessible to a novice like me! Amanda (May-July '14)

Wonderfully refreshing. Opened the mind and life is getting calmer and less stressful. Meditation is worth all the time and is getting part of every day, as well as noticing little things in all you do, you see things differently. It has been amazing! Frances is good at explaining in great detail and has given us a great start to the rest of our lives. Lesley (May-July '14) 

Fantastic. Thank-you so much for allowing me to build on what I had already begun to learn and to be able to do it in a supported environment. It is now part of my life and has been a key factor in my improvement. I am so glad to have found mindfulness and to be able to take part in this course. Found the course extremely beneficial and enlightening. Relaxed and friendly environment, made to feel at ease and able to talk openly. For people considering the course - Do it!!!! Even if you think it's not for you give it a go its nothing 'namsey-pamsey' it just makes sense.Emma  (May-July '14)

Really insightful, fascinating and met all expectations in terms of refocussing my life. Very enjoyable, great delivery and tone. Just do it, you wont regret it, it might change your life. Sue (May -June '14)

A brilliant 'chimney-sweep' of the mind! I love the concept of 'beginners mind' - it's possible to reinvent yourself every day. Everyone can benefit from being a little calmer and happier - especially mums with their influence on children. Keely (May-June'14)

I have found it very helpful. I have enjoyed the experience. Frances you have made it a lot more appealing and easier to work on and with. I have found and been introduced to a great many tools that I hope will allow me to grow.Alison (May-June '14)

Provided lots of food for thought on how I live my life and approach things. Really like the 'being mindful' side of things. Keep an open mind - you will be surprised how beneficial the course can be to becoming more positive to your life and well being. Carmen (May-June '14)

Very helpful - good insight into mindfulness & guide to meditation. Having suffered two bereavements the course has helped me to deal with the stress, anxiety and emotional pain that I have been suffering. I realised that I was already very mindful and have really enjoyed the meditation. Thanks, it has helped me immensely!Joanna (May-June '14)

Extremely helpful, full of good hints, tips, practices and quotes about being mindful. The homework and email plus CDs made it easier to practice and practice being mindful. I feel like to course has given me enlightenment and created 'thought' - in my being not my head. I feel more relaxed and happy. Thank you for the course - I am hoping this is the start of a new way of 'being'. My focus on the now will make me appreciate life more!Lisa (March-April '14)

Frances - thanks so much. It's genuinely changed our perspective's and has been a real experience. I have a number of interested potential clients for you! I'll miss these sessions! Simon (October '13 - Jan '14 for 2-1 training)

Very interesting and impactful in a low key way.

I would like to see this as the beginning of a new way of living.Justine (March-April '14) 

Fantastic! Really, really helpful. I loved everything from the chilled environment to the meditating session. I initially thought it would be great for stress relief but its as much about getting joy out of life, which is more beneficial. Sharon (March-April '14)

Great! Very helpful. The concepts and various tools all offer benefits and even just being aware of theory has been helpful for me.Heather (March-April '14)

I've enjoyed it and it's taught me new techniques for coping with life and for getting more enjoyment from life. ​Judith (March-April '14) 

Enlightening, comforting, life-changing and extremely interesting. Teresa (March-April '14)

I have enjoyed attending the course each week and have left feeling very relaxed and positive. I've been able to have mindful moments and live in the present moment. It has been good to share and hear other peoples experiences of mindfulness. Kate (March-April '14)

Helpful to stay focused and not over worry about the small stuff. Aileen (March-April '14)

I gained a huge amount from Frances' mindfulnes course. Very quickly I felt happier in my everyday life. I am more able to take things as they come rather than worrying about all the things I should be doing. The meditation exercises also helped me to identify some mental baggage that I've been carrying around for years and begin to let it go. Frances is very knowledgeable and passionate about mindfulness and the course covered a lot of ground. She's also down to earth and made me feel completely at ease. I shall definitely use what I have learnt and keep on meditating.Helen (Oct '13 - Jan '14)