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mindfulness for weight-loss/management: the mindful life diet 

12 week programme to end the body battle for good, fall in love with your body, end dieting and get to your healthy ideal weight



if you are ready to make change for good please submit the registration form found by scrolling down this page...

This registration form is for our 12 week intensive Mindfulness for weight-loss 1-1 bespoke programme. During the course we will be combining a range of practices to transform your relationship to food and your body. These include but are not limited to: the learning and embedding of mindfulness principles, performing mindfulness practices both mental and physical and meditating. Incorporated will be elements of MBRTT (Mindfulness Based Rapid Transformational Therapy) including Hypnotherapy. Participants are asked to carry out daily mindfulness practices and listen to daily recordings between sessions. As one part of the course we will be exploring the practice of intermittent fasting (limiting calories to 500 in a day). Please check with your GP prior to signing up if you have any concerns around your suitability to fast or any health issues which may make limiting calories inadvisable. 

'the mindful life diet'

mindfulness for weight-management

12 weeks to transform and embed lasting change 

This life-changing 12 week programme is designed for those who want to end their battle with dieting through mindful awareness to reduce stress and promote balance for a sustainable weight where you feel happy and healthy. 

All change starts in our heads, if we want to change our life we need to first change our thoughts. With Mindfulness training we become aware of how our thoughts are influencing our behaviours, rather than living life on auto-pilot we train ourselves to pay attention to the moments of life as they arise. Living mindfully we become aware of what is really going on for us, what we are doing and why, we gain better understanding of ourselves. Often we overeat as a coping mechanism for stress, we might use food as a reward to 'treat' ourselves, eat 'naughty' when we feel in a certain mood or are just so busy that we are not paying attention to what we are putting into our mouths - these are all just habits. Mindfulness makes us recognise our habits and develop new ones.

We can train ourselves to respond rather than react to the things that happen to us in life and when we do this life flows more easily - we make better choices, we get to be the best versions of ourselves and we live and love life fully. If you are ready to let go of limiting beliefs about yourself and give up yo-yo dieting this course for you. This is not a nutrition course, there will be no 'weigh-ins' or lectures on healthy eating just practical exercises and both formal and informal mindfulness practices to help you get the best from life and from yourself.

Your 'Mindful life diet' adventure starts here....  

mindfulness for weight-loss/management programme

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